Acuity [uh-kyoo-uh-tee] n. A quick and penetrating intelligence. The ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience.

Four Ways Acuity Can Help You!

Referral Service

1For top performing Brokers & Agents across the country we serve as a substantial source of qualified buyer and seller referrals.  Our clients come motivated and prepared to work with only the best agents!

LFRO Brokerage

2We assist sellers on a nation-wide basis, providing real world statistical analysis of agent performance on an empirical level.  In short, we’re objective advocates for buyers & sellers of real property. 

Application Developer

3 Internally, we have developed some very cool and very proprietary web applications. Going forward we have plans to develop a powerful suite of marketing tools for the real estate industry.

“Traditional” Brokerage

4 On the agenda for 2020 is the development of a national residential brokerage. We expect this endeavor to break from tradition and offer brokerage services in a manner consistent with our values; streamlined processes, a focus on tech and a bias toward offering substantial value.

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